Instander APK 17.2 - Download Official Latest for Android (2023)

App Name Instander APK
Publisher Insta Pro
Size 54 MB
Latest Version v16
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Required 4.4 +
MOD For Android
Genre Social
Developer thedise
Update 6 hours ago
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Instagram is the world's quality social media app that you may use on your phone. This app gives you get entry to observe your favourite celebrities, and so forth. Moreover, it is a significant source of entertainment, and you get all your favourite entertaining content. Further, you can share various life moments and follow your friends. They can also follow you. You can post different content and status on Instagram.

But you may face various lacks of advanced features in this official app. So, the developers developed the modified version of this app. In which the best version is Instander APK is one of the best alternatives to the official Instagram.

What Is an Instander APK?

Instagram does not give you access to download any media such as photos, videos and statuses. For this purpose, you may need a downloader to download all kinds of media from Instagram. All these and various other issues you can face in the official version of Instagram.

In this situation, Instander APK is the best choice, you can easily download it on your Android device. You will get access to all the premium features in this APK version, and this function is unavailable in the official app.

After getting this APK on your device, you can easily handle your Instagram account in this app with an advanced version. You can experience the extreme level features with zero cost in your device. Developers develop this app with every possible safety. So, you will not worry about banning your account. It comes with anti-ban features built-in in this APK version.

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InstaUltra APK
InstaUltra Dark APK
Instagram MOD APK
Instagram Lite APK

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Download Instander APK Latest Version For Android

Instander APK is the latest version of official Instagram, you will get this updated app with all bugs and issues. More advanced functions that you can experience in this app. You will not get this apk version on the Play Store because it is restricted there. If you want to get the link to this advanced version, it is available on this built web page. So, you may download the link from this website.

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What is the difference between Clone And Unclone?

The two apps are developed using the same developer, and the difference is just the names of the apps that you can download on your Android tool. The main difference between a clone and an uncolne is the following:

Clone: If you want to use the Instagram app in your dive, you may not need to uninstall the official Instagram from your device.

Unclone: In this version, you have to uninstall the authentic Instagram app from your device before using this app on your device.


Instander Apk is the changed version of the legitimate app, you will get access to all of the features that are inaccessible in a professional app. Additionally, you will get the more advanced functions in this app and those inaccessible in the standard version of Instagram. The following are the advanced attributes of this Apk version:

Download pictures and videos

You can watch all the latest videos on Instagram. You want to download this video content on your phone. But it is unavailable on Instagram. For this, you need an advanced version like Instander. When you download the Insander apk on your device, it will not disappoint you.

So, using the Instander APK allows you to get all your favourite images and videos directly into your phone gallery. Further, the downloading is straightforward, you need to click on the given download icon and get the media on your Android phone. You can watch all this content in offline mode.

Close Friend List

When you post anything on Instagram, it will be public. But when using the Instander, it allows you to share some selected friends from your friend list. Further, use the Instander APK and make your own close friend list out of your all followers. You can use this list to specify your posts for these friends.

Moreover, you may personalize this list every time you need it, you can add or remove any person from your friend list. When you remove a person from this list, they may not get the notification. When you remove a person from this list, they will not get the notification. Further, this amazing service gives you access to change and add special labels on these posts, including videos and images. So, these posts will show to your close friend lists and no one else.

Instander Hide Stories from List

If you have more concerns with your privacy and you want to hide your status from some people. Because these people will not treat your post properly. So, the Instander service will give you access to this function. Instander APK will give access to hide photos and videos from some people and hide them easily. So, get the Instander App today on your device, and start using this unique function and hide your stories from unwanted people.

Allow Messages Replies

Sometimes people will reply to your post negatively. It leaves a bad impact on your followers. You want to avoid these unwanted people. However, the official app of Instagram will not provide you with any features about this issue. You can use the Instander APK on your device and allow the people that you want to reply to your posts.

Save Story to Archive

Instander's latest version gives you access to save media files in your Android phone gallery. When you download videos and images on your phone, it will take your storage. Instander offers a function that you can move all these downloaded media in the archive. Further, you can create privacy on it, so it will be secure from any other person. You can set a password and secure your archive posts. You can only see all these posts on Instagram.


When you add a post to your Instagram stories and feeds, your followers can use these posts and post on their own profiles. Instander APK provides the features of sharing. You can secure your sharing content with the help of this feature. So, you can easily use this feature, and people are restricted to posting these feeds.

Instander has No Advertisement

When you are scrolling through your Instagram account, you will see various sponsored ads. But you cannot turn off these unbearable ads. Further, these sponsored videos and images will consume your data. But if you have an Instander app on your device, you get an ad-free platform. It will permit you to just watch the important feeds on your Insta feed screen. You can easily disable these annoyances from your app privacy settings.

Wide Search Content

IGTV will give you access to search for your favourite content, like videos and other entertainment stuff. You can follow your favourite persons, and celebrities and watch their videos. Further, you can also watch various content such as travel, food, DIY, TV, movies, art and style videos, and much more. Everyone can find and discover their entertainment stuff on this app. You can easily get access to watch-wide content.

Analytic and Crash Report

From your Instander settings, you can choose to turn off the analytic and crash report. However, you can also turn on this when you want to see the analytic activity of your account. So, when you face the issue of app creasing you can easily send this report to the developer. In this way, they will improve and fix the issues that you will be facing.

Ghost Mode

Instander offers exciting and useful features if you have any doubts about your followers. You can select the Ghost mode feature. With this feature, you can hide your typing status, so other users will not know when you're typing anything.

In the Instabetter APK, you can hide the view status. You can easily hide your stories and posts from mysterious people. Under the Ghost feature, you can use the don't mark directly as read mode. So, you can read the DM on anyone without knowing the person that you are reading their DM.

Quality Improvement

When you are using the Installer APK latest version on your Android smartphone, you will get the improved quality of the following files:

  • Reels quality
  • Stories quality
  • IGTV quality
  • Image quality

When you are using Instagram, it will affect the media quality and compress the pictures. So, in this way, the quality of images decreases. Use the Insteder and use the feature of “Photos in max quality”. You can use and allow this feature to view the best-quality images. You will watch high-quality images on Instander. You can share the stories and photos with high quality.

Smart Gestures

Although it doesn't look important, gestures have value on Instagram. Use the instander and get the smart gesture options. You can disable the various gestures like swiping left to right, zooming the page with a long tap on it, etc.


Sometimes, little things have great importance, so there are various minor features available in this service. You can use the function to view stories on complete display, and it is an excellent function for the users. You may get access to the browser's built-in app. Users can easily open the links directly into this browser. Further, hide posts, get friend suggestions, and disable autoplay video. You can easily disable or enable these features.

Donate to get Verified

The verification badge of Instagram is an essential thing. You can donate something to the Instender app developer and get the verified badge of the Instander app. But this badge is visible to the Insteder APK users. It is simple to donate something send the screenshot to the sender, and wait for the verification badge, and you will get it soon.

Discover People

You can easily connect and discover more people. It is an exciting experience to discover new friends online. After following your favourite people, you will learn about their lives and watch their posts and feeds on Instagram.

How to Download and Install Instander MOD APK for Android?

The download procedure is straightforward. The link to the APK file is located on this page. You can install this software on your Android device after downloading it. Consider that you must learn how to install it. Observe the directions provided.

  1. Initially, download the software using the provided link.
  2. Go to the Android settings
  3. Activate the Unknown Source checkbox.
  4. Click the Instander app from the downloaded file.
  5. Install the program.
  6. After installation, select "done."
  7. Your Instander is now available for usage.
  8. Utilizing the Instander APK

The finest Instagram substitute is the Instander app. Saying that it is superior to Instagram is acceptable. The Instagram app's original version has only some of the functionality. However, using this software is straightforward. Instander has a simple user interface.

This app is free for everyone to use. To begin with, sign into your account and review each Instander configuration. To view the profile page, tap the three parallel lines. You can adjust the parameters to suit your needs. Other advantages of this program include sharing, downloading, and free advertisements. 

Final Words

So, the official Instagram comes with some restrictions. Instead, download the Installer APK on your Android device and get the more advanced functions. Using the amazing service of Instader APK and experiencing its enhanced features these are unavailable in the official app. You can easily get the link from this website get it on your device, and start using it free of cost.


Is it safe to use Instander APK?

The Instander app is secure and safe, yes. Without any doubt, you should download this software. This app is linked to the first version of Instagram. Using and downloading this software is okay. Install it and make use of this app's unique features.

How much MB is Instander APK?

Instander APK is 40 MBs in size which is quite reasonable and is workable on any Android version.

Are there any charges to download?

No, this app is completely free of cost and there is not any other premium feature. All the features are completely free for the users of the app.

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